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Although this theme has been out for a while the “Fit” theme listed with themeforest is a top theme with great ¬†short codes and customizable options.


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New post to let everyone know that I have just upgraded to Escorts latest radar detector the Passport Max it supercedes the Passport 9500ix which had a couple of issues detecting police radars in certain circumstances.

For a full review of the Escort Passport Max to determine yourself if these problems have been resolved then check out and click the link for a 2014 radar comparison review.

Latest Car Radar Pictures


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We always think of fashion when it comes to women’s clothing and accessories. Concept has changed too like the changing fashion trends. Like their women counterparts, the 21st century men are becoming fashionable and fashion conscious. Men’s fashion has grown to an extent that some of the popular designers are focusing on fashion trends mainly for guys. Some of the best men’s fashions and trends come from London, Tokyo and New York.

Interest in all aspects of clothing, accessories – including men’s messenger bags, is increasing for men. People in this modern age do not want to leave their home without looking their sharpest and most professional. Needs and requirements have transformed in addition to the world. In both corporate and fashion realms, public relations and personal interactions have become major foci. In order to stay in the competition, one has to develop a strong product.

The look adds a lot to a person’s quality. Today, men’s messenger bags are more than simply an accessory to carry laptops and other important materials. The bags of this kind have become a fashion and status marker Due to the recent increased popularity of men’s messenger bags, the bags are continually being improved in both design and utility. These bags are used by urban men who want both a cool and svelte look.

Available in various styles and designs are these bags. You can carry a messenger bag to a college classroom, and even to a corporate conference room for an important meeting. Designs differ for your style. Messenger bags, while each uniquely styled, generally have in common, shoulder sling straps and various storage compartments. There are many choices available in styles, designs, colors, and brands; similar to the many options most women’s fashion bags sell.

Because of the trends in men’s fashion the demand for the cases is skyrocketing. The modern messenger bad is fashionable, stylish and at the same time a useful tool. These bags are made from different materials, from leather to canvas, whatever your desire. Easy to use, practical and in highest fashion, they complete your look and give you an edge in the business world. It is my wish that the men have received the correct ‘message’ from these messenger bags, related to being fashionable.

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A lot of people deal with shoes on a day to day basis. We put them on every day without really thinking about their value. But exactly how many of us have ever regarded as getting custom shoes? Custom shoes are fashioned with the buyer’s exact specifications in mind, and can be made to fit any shape, size, or even body build. There are a variety of good custom shoe businesses that will be prepared to use you and develop something magnificent to fit all your shoes needs knowing where you can look.

Would you like your shoes to be a certain color that you’ve not been able to discover elsewhere? Well then take a look at a custom shoe company. With custom shoes, you may get any color you would like painted on your footwear! Don’t be satisfied with the typical white and black which everybody wears. Get something initial that conveys your individuality as well as uniqueness! If you want footwear that’s truly original and worn by no one else, custom shoes are the only way to go. It would be a great idea to understand more about your options.

Maybe you are looking at more than just color. You could be thinking about the core of the precise shoe. The design. The best way to have a individualized design in relation to your shoes is to have custom shoes made. Whether you are an athlete or a businessman, shoes with a personalized design are the only way to have definitely original footwear. Whatever your wants or requirements are concerning your footwear, custom shoe organizations have footwear designers on their staff to work with you. A terrific addition to your wardrobe might be custom shoes. Try them out today.

Is the price something you’re worried about? Are you disappointed by the probable price of the custom shoe? Many custom shoe organizations offer custom shoes as reduced rates. It really will depend on what your precise requirements are, and how much you’re willing to spend. But there are custom shoes out there for everybody. Don’t let the potential cost of custom shoes stop you from acquiring what you want! Don’t be happy with marginal footwear when you are able have the very best pair of shoes of your life! For the individual who prioritizes fashion, custom shoes are what you want.

When you start searching for custom shoe companies, make sure you search the web for a business that has a excellent reputation for excellence and customer support. Try and get nothing but the best if you are going to be spending your hard-earned money. Read a good amount of customer reviews before selecting your final purchase and shop around on the web for the best deals. Before speaking with a designer, be sure to understand specifically what you would like your custom shoes to look like so that the designer knows precisely what to lay out for you. Now venture out get those custom shoes today.

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Prom Shoe Styles-A Review   no comments

Usually, girls choose their perfect prom dress, then fix upon the shoes to match, ensuring that the color and style match the dress. Preserve positivity to allow more money for small accessories like hair clips, pantyhose, and make-up. On the other hand, you might want to really feel sexy on your prom night. This style looks extremely elegant.

Keep in mind that your feet will appear elegant and attractive, compatible with your evening dress, and make you comfortable while dancing and walking. Every dress shoes are created with heels. You don’t have to be concerned about beads, sequins or fancy designs with this style. A lengthy dress is beautiful on anybody, but its not usually probably the most convenient option.

If you have a great figure and want a sexy appear, go straight for the straight–straight gowns that is. Slender — Slender girls might want to find a prom dress that assists them appear curvier. Following thinking about these pros and cons, your dress shopping will probably be a cinch. Choosing the right prom dress could be a enjoyable, rewarding procedure.

If you go to a formal gown shop with completely no idea of what to obtain, then you’ll be in there for a lengthy time! Traditionally a prom dress was to be lengthy and complete. appearance for a glamorous shade that delivers out color inside your face. There are pros and cons to both, and we hope to help you determine what dress will help to create your prom night the fairy tale that youve always wanted it to become.

Arrange to decide and purchasing your prom dress at any rate 4-6 months before your prom. Though, never forget which you won’t just stay in 1 corner and get bored. It could also be type of a hassle to cope with all night. If you are the romantic type who falls for the Greek Goddess appear, think about all white, empire style gowns.

Think about curling your hair and wearing it down, and putting a delicate, intricate pin in your hair. In the event you can, cut out photos of designs you adore and work out what it is you like about them. If you are sophisticated and love all black prom dresses, go for it. Prom dresses come in every color imaginable.

Its flirty because you can show off your shoulders, and its also elegant and classy. Everybody focuses on the dress, but, what about your prom shoes? There are a huge selection of prom dresses accessible, in each and each and every style, so that each and every girl can expertise what it feels like to be the most beautiful girl in the space. Silky, slinky and soft fabrics will look fabulous on you.

Search for a combination of other fabrics and distinctive cuts which will assist you accomplish a attractive prom dress appear. Apple — For young girls with an apple body, consider getting an empire waist dress.

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