How To Make A Dramatic Updo For A Formal Event

If you want to create a special and dramatic look for that special occasion, the last thing you want to do is look like a cookie-cutter Barbie doll when it comes to your hairstyle. And we’re willing to bet our credentials as fashion mavens that in most cases, those formal hairstyles of yours probably hearkened back to bygone eras, stretching back several presidents, or maybe even predating George Washington himself! Why allow yourself to be somebody out of a time capsule? You can be a strikingly unique-looking woman with your updo (and multiple versions of such, must we add) by following the tips below, tips so easy even those who call themselves creatively challenged can pull ’em off!

You see, the key to creating a different look lies in the details. You could actually style your hair in a French twist without having the same look twice if you added special touches and elements to your style. Want to know how?

Straighten instead of curl. You may have observed that lot of updos would involve a curling iron used to curl the free hair pieces. You can change your look simply by using a flat iron to sleek down these pieces instead of curling them up. And for a more unusual effect that will sweep your man (or the men) off his/their feet, try using a crimping iron and flat iron in alternate.

You may want to leave some free pieces. You can also experiment by leaving different pieces of your updo free. Here’s an example: you might want to experiment by leaving one half section of hair around the hairline and segregating it from your updo. Pull your hair up into a simple pony tail. Next, work on your free hair by weaving ½” sections of the free hair on top of your updo basket-weave style. Pin into place, and you’ve created a unique look with little effort.

It’s all about the accessories, girl! One good way to keep the man in your life or the men (period) a-buzzing with interest would be to use different colored hair extensions or a few ribbons – the simplest accessories possible. Oh, how simple it can be to insert these hair strands or extensions or ribbons into your hair – now that’s going to make the boys go “ooh la-la”, what do you think? You can color coordinate these with your dress or use natural colors that will compliment your hair color.

Get flowery. But NOT too flowery – flowers, when used in moderation, can be used as a hair accessory for your updo, and might be a good idea in general. Remember, moderation and the size of the flowers (or lack thereof) is the key. You don’t want some random dude walking up to you and going, “Miss, how much for that pretty red rose on your hair” without meaning it as a pickup line! Remember, accessories are used to compliment your style, not overpower it.

There are far more tips and tricks you can work some magic with, and the ideas above are a mere sampler. Just remember that small changes make a big difference when it comes to adding that special touch to your updo. Even if you aren’t exactly the creative or flashy type, you can give your updos that necessary injection of flair – if you’re single, the men will be all over you, and if you’re married, your man won’t be able to get enough of you!

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