Learn Spanish: Different Learning Techniques!

Stop pretending that you don’t and can’t speak Spanish.

You are only held back by your lizard brain.

If you really want to build a good Spanish vocab then do something about it.

I spent last summer working on and off in Malaga province for a taxi minibus firm called Malaga Minibus. A friend of the owner got me a start and I never looked back.

Now don’t get me wrong I couldn’t spoke a word and the first ones I did were terribly wrong.

Speaking Spanish with an English accent and assuming that everyone speaks English is a cardinal sin.

Learn Spanish In Spain

There are many ways to learn Spanish some people learn it by books, some by software and believe it or not some people even learn it by speaking to Spanish people… go figure.

Yes the last statement was me being ironic, but in all seriousness there is NO correct way to learn the language. You have to immerse yourself in the lanaguage

Take music as a learning technique.

Regardless of language music is a global language and although being predominantly in English there are hundreds of thousands of songs in Spanish many of these cross over into English speaking markets.

You getting my drift yet?

Ok let me spit it out. Regardless of how poor or non existent your Spanish is I guarantee you already know many Spanish words that you just take for granted in every day use.

Same Words In English and Spanish

Chilli con CarneParasol
























Music is your Spanish friend

Most English speaking people believe that its only possible to learn Spanish by memorising Spanish grammar exercises thus enabling a smooth transition over from English to Spanish.

But lets take music as an example. Spanish artists like Juilo Iglesias, Conchita capitalise on this gravy train by appealing to English and Spanish markets by speaking their language and appeal to a larger audience. They do so to make more sales and get more fans.

Start listening to some Spanish songs for example La Bamba a firm favourite from years back most English people sing the lyrics without even thinking cos you’ve heard it that many times.



Great Material on Your TV!

My favourite way of watching and learning is via the medium of television. A lot of the popular TV shows are translated professionally into the Spanish speaking market. Through these shows, you will not only understand Spanish words and new vocabulary, you will also learn commonly used phrases and how to dialogue correctly.

Put on some English subtitles and listen to some Spanish dialect, accents and that will help you when people are speaking to you.

There is no correct way to learn a language. It is hard work and you have to put the effort in but the rewards are spectacular to be able to communicate with someone in a different language is a gift that not everyone is born with.

Children have no fear therefore they push themselves. Their brains are sponges at early ages and absorb the facts and want more.

Have you noticed why they keep asking you questions all the time? Mummy whats this? Daddy how you do that? I do it and the many other  questions our little ones ask!

So before you give up trying to learn Spanish give a few of the tips above a try and you will be amazed at the progress you make.