Helping you to choose the best hot lingerie for your wedding day

Article from Guy Logan on behalf of, Your Life After 25.

The day of your nuptials the under garments chosen tend to have reduced importance compared to the dress, however this really the proper moment to sport very sexy lingerie! Most women are busy and have no time to wear sexy lingerie all the time, so this special day is a good opportunity to try it on for size for once. Your new husband will love it as well! Just imagine the look on his face when you take off your incredible wedding dress and are dressed in nothing but very sexy, white lingerie? If you have taken the time and care to put together a wedding theme to match your own dress as well as those of the bridesmaids, it would only make sense to wear some special matching lingerie. One of the best things about bridal lingerie is that is has superior shaping, support and comfort, even when compared to most regular hot lingerie, making it an excellent for your wedding day.

As it is with wearing lingerie, if you think you look sexy, you feel good! It goes well with wedding dresses, too. Your lingerie should match your wedding dress and your figure, and white corsets and bustiers tend to be invisible under your gown. Seeing as how the current trend in bridal gowns is the strapless look, it is even more important to choose sizzling lingerie that comes in the strapless variety as well. If you are wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder wedding gown then you should pay attention to your choice of bra. A strapless bra will help hide those annoying straps on your wedding day.

Ergo, you could always consider a bustier, which is a strapless little number that has built in cups that help offer support while still offering up cleavage. Many brides appreciate that their midriff is covered which creates a slimming effect. Supporting a bra under a dress like this might take some planning. In this case the only solution is likely to be a bra that requires glue to hold it in place. Brides who have small to medium breasts, generally an A to C cup, may prefer a nu-bra, a stick-on silicon cup which is supportive yet invisible.

To avoid the peril of falling out of this variety of bra because you happen to be more endowed a different option would be a strapless bra that hooks along your waistline. Don’t forget that your own comfort is the most important factor. If you aren’t used to wearing a thong, it can be pretty uncomfortable at first. Fortunately there is a variety of sexy lingerie, particularly underwear, which is invisible as well as comfortable. For those who are worried about the body outline that will be seen, there is the option of body-shaping garments such as spanx because these products draw in the problem areas, producing a sleek silhouette, even though the garments themselves are not the most alluring underwear that you could choose.

If wearing a garter is considered traditional, and then why not wear tights and garters? Naturally, the color white is suitable, as is all of the lingerie worn on the day of a person’s wedding ceremony. Just a few pointers on your wedding lingerie selection, always be sure that your garter doesn’t bulge beneath your dress and that your tights aren’t too constricting-otherwise, you will be in for a long, long day.

Source: Your Life After 25.