Vintage Lingerie: Not Just for the Petite

When the word lingerie comes to thought a large majority of people imagine a picture of a skinny super model posing in see-through fabric, with a sexy stare and a cheeky smile. The average lingerie you see in the magazine ads may look hot, but unfortunately not everyone was made to fit those scant outfits. I am sure you are, but to be sure-are you familiar with the term, “bigger is better?” Women wanted to be overweight previous to the turn of the century. In vintage years gone by a voluptuous figure was considered most attractive.

In the past, if a woman was too thin then people thought she was sickly and incapable of having children. Other than wide, breeder hips, men sought women with the same physical attributes that they do today. People look for an appropriate sized woman for a cup size so large. Lingerie in plus sizes are here to help. Who says someone can’t be big and still be pretty?

Having a Victorian goddess’s body in not a reason why you can’t look sexy in or out of the bedroom. Nobody does that, or at least it shouldn’t be done. No one can just tell you that you are hot or not based only on your style/figure, self-confidence in knowing how to work with what you have is the name of the game. The popularity of plus sized lingerie has been on the rise, as more and more generously built women seek to show their self-confidence to the world. Now, thanks to development, no matter how curvy and rubenesque your body is, hot and sexy bedroom lingerie is available in all sizes and shapes, like the women it was intended for.

This sensual lingerie will make your perfect figure anything but standard. All women are made differently, and these differences are what make us unique individuals. You should not be afraid to purchase plus size lingerie, it is designed to fit your body. Plus size lingerie collections are limitless, you can find camisoles, chemises, corsets, the list goes on and on. Whatever style you choose to go with, you can be sure to find something that makes you look and feel sexy.

If your partners eyes should start to bug out when they see you in your stunning new lingerie, don’t worry, it’s only natural. Lingerie in larger sizes is made for that person who doesn’t fit into society’s image of the perfect build, but still wants to feel desirable to a mate. All women feel empowered and sexy when they put on some great lingerie that causes their partner to desire them. Get rid of your old undergarments; either donates them or burns them and invests in something sexy-something that screams sensuality. Purchase some lingerie for the full-figured woman.