When In Rome

Things to do in Ravishing Rome!


From the second visitors arrive into Rome, there are plenty of things to keep them occupied. The city is renowned for its tourism, and of course, the main ancient sites of the town are going to be viewed first.

However, what is there to do after all these sites have been seen? The hotels in Rome can be quite entertaining and provide excellent services, but do tourists really want to spend all there time cooped up in their rooms? I though not!

Rome is not only rich in sites, but also wealthy in things to do. The city is large, so visitors can find a plethora of activities that will stimulate the mind and body.

Getting around Rome is extremely easy too, especially if staying in the city centre, where travelling by foot is by far the most expedient transportation mode.


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Sport is a major contributor to the economy of Rome, and many of the city’s travellers venture to Rome just to watch the many sports on offer. Of course, football is the biggest crowd puller in Italy, and Rome is of no exception.

There are two teams in the city, and both are bitter rivals, adding fuel to the already charged atmosphere of Italian football. The two teams are S. S. Lazio and A. S. Roma.

The teams usually play their games out of Stadio Olimpico, and experiencing a game should not be passed up. Rugby is another sport on the rise in the city, as Rome is home to the national team’s headquarters – Stadio Flaminio.

The team plays in the Six Nations each year, and hosts other rugby nations several times a year too, particularly in November. Watching a rugby game or soccer match will undoubtedly delight tourists in Rome.




The language spoken in Rome is predominantly Italian, but since this is derived from Latin, this older language can sometimes be heard too. A great activity for visitors to Rome is to try and learn the local language.

Courses are available in numerous institutions across the city, and while staying in Rome, tourists easily practice their new found Italian skills on the streets. This adds an extra dimension of excitement while travellingin Rome and Italy.

While in Rome, visitors must travel to the Cinecitta Studios, which happen to be Europe’s premier production lot. It is the second largest movie production lot in the world, behind Hollywood, and was the site for numerous world-renowned movies, including Gangs of New York and The Life Aquatic.

Visitors can find tours of the sets and studios at the location itself, or online. It will certainly entertain tourists, and even the kiddies will love it.

Speaking of the kids, Rome doesn’t have the tag of a premier holiday destination for just its historical and cultural extravaganzas.

There are plenty of sites to experience that won’t bore children senseless. Zoomarine is a theme park hosting a marine life zoo, swimming facilities, and exciting rides.

This place is great for kids, but doesn’t give muchbackground into Rome’s exciting history, like the Time Elevator does.

In this site, children are strapped into an elevator while they dive into Rome’s history. Exciting and entertaining, but has been known to make the oddchild and adult motion sick.

For visitors to Rome, they will soon notice that there aren’t any tall buildings jutting into the sky, like in other European cities. However, this doesn’t mean views are impossible.

As a matter of fact, there are many places tourists can visit that will give phenomenal views of the cityscape of Rome. Some of these include the Janiculum Hill, Pincio and Aventine Hill.